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    Be part of the Manoferro saga.  Follow Angelo Manoferro, in Italian Manoferro means "Iron Hand" from the village of Terranostra, Italy during World War II.  He is a master bladesmith that is forced to fight the occupying Nazis.
    Follow him to America where he begins a new life and a new family and his sons must fight in Vietnam.  Be part of the initiation when the Manoferros' honor is sealed in blood and steel.
    Feel the gut-wrenching conflict of good and evil when you are confronted with street criminality and the Mafia.  Experience captivity as a Vietnam prisoner of war.  Laugh as you watch your children grow up in the fifties.  
    On you journey you encounter touching scenes, slashing knives, war and peace, smoking gun barrels, vicious animals, love, joy, and stimulating eroticism.  Enter the dark recesses of the human mind, span time and space, and emerge from an odyssey so meaningful and powerful that you never experience it again.

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